Do The Earth A Favor – Be A Power Saver

Our Family has a great 10 year old family car. This vehicle gets over 35 miles per gallon. It has given us no problems or breakdowns. Our car now has just over 100,000 miles. We routinely take the car for scheduled maintenance along with oil and filter changes. We love this car and drive it most every day here on Whidbey Island.

If something changed and we needed to drive it to say, Colorado and back several times we would certainly take it in for a complete inspection and hope to find anything that might be on the verge of failing or causing efficiency reductions, or we might consider replacing the car.

When the weather is normal here through the winter, in the 40’s and 50’s it is very much like driving our car to and from Coupeville to Freeland for shopping and groceries.
But when we get our annual cold snap and it lasts for a few weeks. When the wind blows and the power goes out again, it would sure be nice to know we had everything serviced and ready for a “long trip”.

It might even be in the back of your thoughts that the heating system may need replacement.

We have a great Financing Plan to help with the replacement costs. And with greater efficiencies you may be paying the cost for payments with higher energy costs.

We are Experts at Heating system Service and Repair

Your Heating and Cooling Systems Needs Regular-Routine Service


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Do The Earth A Favor – Be A Power Saver

Most heating and Air Conditioning systems today are very technical high efficiency pieces of equipment. These systems operate for many hours every year and give great service. Annual maintenance and cleaning will allow the furnace to operate more efficiently and save you money.

GAS FURNACES- High efficiency gas furnaces of today are now capturing up to 98% of the potential energy of fuel. This type of system uses a great deal of technology. We live in an area where there is a great deal of Salt Influence in the air. Your furnace moves lots and lots of this air through its burner and combustion chambers and through the supply blower and distribution side of the furnace.

Call us for a Cleaning and service and we will test every component for proper operation.

Annual maintenance of your furnace will help keep it running for years. Annual maintenance will find small problems before they cause a breakdown on a cold night.

SERVICE AND REPAIR – Members of our team have attended in depth training from both Equipment Manufacturers and Industry experts. We have attended the Service and Trouble Shooting training at one of the leading training facilities in the Western US. We continue with routine training with Factory Representatives in our shop

Your Heating and Cooling System Needs Regular Routine Service

Dual Systems

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