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Marshall's Heating & AC Tips

The furnace runs blowing cold air and the heat pump won’t start. Check the Air Filter and make sure it is not dirty. If it is, dirty remove the filter and turn the thermostat off and wait for 10 minutes. While you are waiting the 10 minutes, go through the home and open all the supply registers. Turn the thermostat on to heat and wait for up to 5 minutes. If the heat pump won’t start- CALL FOR SERVICE.
Turn the thermostat to EM Heat to temporarily get the Heat On. Then Call For Service.
Check the Electric circuit Breaker Panel. Look at the Circuit Breaker Marked HEAT PUMP and make sure it is on. If it is off, try to reset the circuit breaker.
If it will not reset after 1 try - CALL FOR SERVICE (360) 331-1859 or (360) 678-5402.